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Sirena Surf House is a guest house, surf school and surf shop on Playa Popoyo in Nicaragua.

It is a beautiful and private lodge where every stay is customised to the guests' needs. 


Beachfront house

Sirena Surf House is a beachfront guest house located on the beautiful Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Playa Popoyo.  Gorgeous views and WiFi are included!



Learn to surf

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced ripper, we got you covered at Sirena Surf School on Playa Popoyo! Our experienced surf instructors and guides will take you to the right waves at exactly the right time!


Empower local girls

Sirenitas de Popoyo is a non-profit project to empower local girls by teaching them how to surf and swim. The program runs every week with 20 girls and its goal is to show them that with focus and dedication, anything is possible!

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